Mat Yoga

Mat Yoga features various styles including vinyasa, yin, and hatha for all levels and bodies. As the instructor guides you through breathwork and movement, many modifications will be offered for varying ranges of motion & levels of ability. 

No prior experience is necessary and we are wheelchair accessible. 

Crunch Hour Yoga

Fast. Powerful. Exhilarating.

Created by Megan Schaner, this upbeat boot camp + yoga hybrid is designed to heat, tone, and strengthen the body. Unlike a power yoga class, poses are put in sets of 2-4 and repeated several times to create a circuit training exercise. Every class will be different, but there are three things you can count on: energizing music, core work, and FUN! Yes that’s right, there is core work in every class for up to 3 straight minutes; why else would it be called “CRUNCH”? Classes begin with pranayama and dynamic stretching before elevating into our fitness practice. Core work is at the peak of our routine and we gradually wind down to savasana.

This is not a breath-centered class BUT DON'T STOP BREATHING! You are reminded constantly to breathe and encouraged to exhale as we fold, inhale as we lengthen; but sometimes it just doesn't work out that way and that is OK. Focus on having a good time.

Everyone is encouraged to practice at his or her own pace! Rest is always available to you.

“Yoga and Fitness is always a practice, an exploration of your body, that is never expected to be ‘perfect’ and every day, everything you have accomplished is ENOUGH.” – Megan Schaner

All Levels Hour

A 60 minute class of mindful and purposeful movements to invite good energy, grounding and calmness to the day.

Dance Tribe Yoga

Dance Tribe Yoga is a blend of vinyasa yoga and belly dance! New to dance? No worries, zero dance experience required! The format is dynamic and includes time on and off our mats. We move to connect our inner and external worlds by strengthening the mind-body connection through conscious movement.

Already into it? Feel free to express your inner passion as we flirt with a new way to release and grow. This class is designed for women, with the intention of being a fun and empowered way to move and express ourselves!

If you have an interest in belly dance or yoga, or both, this may be a wonderful way to connect with a tribe of individuals who share the same interests. We will flow, shimmy and maybe even laugh a bit as we sweat uplift each other!

All Levels Flow

All Levels Power Yoga

Candlelight Yoga