Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga is a fusion fitness technique combining yoga, pilates, gymnastics, dance, aerial arts and meditation while using a soft fabric hammock to support and open space in the body. This suspension technique allows individuals of all ages to explore their body in a new element (air) and find kinesthetic awareness within. For some some poses, the body is suspended at the fulcrum point through a zero compression inversion, which creates space in the spine and allows greater range of motion.

The strong hammocks (supports up to 2000 lbs) are suspended only a few feet off the ground, allowing practitioners to deepen stretches, to effectively engage muscles, to find proper alignment naturally by working with the pull of gravity, and to reap the benefits of inversions without strain on the joints of the body. As the aerial hammocks assist in practicing inversions without strain to the neck or joints, the elongation and decompression of the spine may help reduce nerve compression and back pain. As the weight of your body is safely, partially or fully, supported, you can explore and create more space in your body - as intended in any yoga practice.

In our Aerial Yoga classes, mindfully and safely explore yoga both in the air and on the ground with the support of strong, soft fabric hammocks. Not only do these hammocks assist in stretching, proper aligning, and strengthening, they are wonderfully uplifting & fun! We believe aerial is for everybody; you can expect personalized attention as we work together to find what works best for you by meeting you where you are. 

Previous aerial or yoga experience is not necessary; however, willingness to explore & have fun is!

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    Aerial Yin & Yoga Nidra

    Aerial Yin & Yoga Nidra classes use the nurturing support of the aerial silk hammocks as we melt into one yin yoga pose into another. Yin yoga poses are passively held for about 3-5 minutes, facilitating the lengthening & easing of connective tissues. This makes way for greater flexibility, circulation, fascial release, and stress & anxiety reduction. 

    During the class, you get the full effect of being suspended in the hammocks. Hammock-assisted inversions are particularly beneficial as the spine, muscles, and joints decompress & elongate, de-stressing the body.

    This is a calm, meditative class so be prepared to relax and ease your mind & body. It is appropriate for all levels, and even recommended to take this class before Aerial Yoga Level 1.

    Kids Aerial Yoga

    Our kids aerial yoga class is a combination of stretching, play, tricks and relaxation.  Parents of kids in this aerial yoga class can take a mat yoga class in the adjoining room knowing their child is in good hands and having fun!

    Aerial Yoga Level 1

    Aerial Yoga Level 1 is open to all levels, but highly recommended for beginners including those who have never done any kind of yoga. The class starts low on the ground with some standard yoga poses, while slowly incorporating the hammock as a prop to aid in the poses and get the body warmed up. The class then progresses to balancing on or in the hammock, and eventually doing inversions.  The instructor provides step-by-step instructions and demos, as well as options and modifications based on the students' abilities.

    Aerial Yoga All Levels

    Aerial Yoga All Levels is open to students of all levels -- from beginners with little or no experience, to advanced with flips and tricks! The instructor will provide step-by-step instructions and demos to guide students into the poses safely and securely.  Modifications and options will be provided based on the students' abilities.